Upcoming Events with Susan Froetschel

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September 24, 2016, Alpena Book Festival

April 9, 2016, Rally of Writers
10 to 11 am, Local to Global - How fast-paced globalization versus resistance to change lends power to plot and setting in fiction.
1:45 to 2:45 pm, Creating Suspense in Fiction - Workshop on techniques for layering story conflicts, timing, word choice, tone, and foreshadowing.
West Campus, Lansing Community College, 5708 Cornerstone Drive, Lansing, MI

September 26: Alepena Book Festival
June 13: McLean and Eakin Booksellers, Petoskey, MI, 2 to 4 pm
May 2: Malice Domestic Panel, Social Issues in Mysteries, Washington, DC, 10 am
May 3: Barnes & Noble Bookstore, New Hope Commons, Durham, NC, 1 pm
May 10: Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Jacksonville, FL, 1 pm
May 15: Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Baton Rouge, LA, 7 pm
May 16: Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Gulfport, MS, 2pm
May 17: Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Bowling Green, KY, 3 pm
Apr 18: Loganberry Books, Shaker Heights, Ohio, 2 pm
Apr 25: Barnes & Noble Yale Bookstore, New Haven, CT, 2 pm
Apr 28: AuthorSpeak, Norwalk Public Library, Norwalk, CT, Noon
Mar 1: Pittsburgh launch, Amazing Books, Squirrel Hill, PA
Mar 7: Author signing, Barnes and Noble, Maple Grove, Minnesota
Mar 10: Reading, Hawk's Point, Dickinson, ND
Mar 10: Author Reading, Beck's Auditorium, Dickinson State University, Dickinson, ND
Mar 12: Writing Workshop, "How to Get Started on Your Novel," Dickinson Area Public Library, Dickinson, ND
Feb 6-8: Love Is Murder Conference, Chicago, IL
Feb 13: Book Launch Party, East Lansing, MI
Feb 14: Author Signing, West Bloomfield, MI
Feb 17: Local Author Night, Okemos, MI
Jan 26: East Lansing Rotary Club Luncheon Speaker, Youth and Globalization