Interviews and Commentary

To Become a Better Writer, Be a Frequent Walker, Interview by Linda Wasmer Andrews forPsychology Today

Telling Tales: Susan Froetschel's Novels Bring Resolution to the News, Interview by John Moran for Yale News

Interview for the Alpena Book Festival

Essay on Character Motivation and Beyond for The Strand Magazine

Interview by Grace Topping for Writers Who Kill

Excessive Revisions, for San Francisco Book Review

Limits to Research, for Portland Book Review

Jordan Fights Back Against ISIS, for US Daily Review

Couples Reveal Love-at-First Sight Stories, for Cosmopolitan by Lane Moore

Surprisingly Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Garden, for SheKnows Bethany Ramos

Allure of Deceit, Interview by Terry Ambrose, for Examiner

Allure of Deceit, Interview by Sandra Parshall, author of the Rachel Goddard mysteries, for The Big Thrill

"Inside Look at Seventh Street Books" by James Ziskin, author of the Ellie Stone mysteries, for The Big Thrill

3 Questions from Lori Rader-Day, author of The Black Hour

"Bullying in Religion's Name," hosted by author Anna Maria Alfieri, author of Strange Gods, and Murder Is Everywhere

"Interview," hosted by Kristen Elise, author of The Vesuvius Isotope, and Murder Lab

"The Quest for Authenticity," hosted by author Dina Santorelli, author of Baby Grand, the Novel

"Why Afghanistan?" hosted by Sandra Parshall, author of the Rachel Goddard Mysteries, and Poe's Deadly Daughters

"Illiteracy Is Everyone's Problem," hosted by Rosemary Harris, author of a suburban noir mystery series, and Jungle Red Writers

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